2 * Pdf Clean & Realign * Maintenance Booklets Commodore 64/128 Disk Drives


These are brand new emailed in PDF Format booklets:


Micro Designs'


   * 1541 Disk Drive

     * 1541C Disk Drive

     * 1541-II Disk Drive

     * 1571 Disk Drive

     * 128D Internal 1571

(C) Copyright 2007  (C) Copyright 2008


for the Commodore  - VIC-1540, 1541, 1541C, 1571 Disk Drives


Actual feedback comments:

"Both of my 1571 drives are now up and running. The PDF worked great! Thank you!"  charlesa

"Very informative and a great guide to fixing the drive. Thank you. A+A+A+A+A+."  berrberr

"Great booklets that no Commodre owner should be without! AAAAA+++++."   wds21921

"Awesome Product. Layman's instructions. I recommend this seller."  coadster32

"good easy to follow info. much needed."   tyme 

"Good instruction book!  Helps save time and money!!!  I recommend this seller!"  right_price_king

"GREAT  idea! Everyone will love this one. I will do business with them again, soon."  jameshere03

"Thank you!  Exactly what I needed, shipped Fast! A++++++."  ibuyoldgames

"Cool Book.  Succinct and straight to the point. This showed me what no other book ever has."  futureshoppingmall

"Yes!  Just what I needed. Thanks."  heatwaave

"Super fine Manual.  Great Photos, Step by Step Repair. Great E-Bayer."  waldron100


These brand new illustrated booklets, written by Micro Designs, on how to disassemble your 1541, 1541C, 1541-II, 1571 and the 128D Internal 1571 Disk Drives in order to clean the read/write heads and realign the rotor wheel in order to maintain your disk drive(s) in order to keep them in proper working order.  This is not a 'tech' manual, but a 'layman's, easy to read, easy to do, step-by-step method of maintaining your old drives.

This auction includes (2) brand new, easy to read, step-by-step color illustrated booklets, sent in a PDF format.  The instructions in this booklets are for the average Commodore user to perform repair maintenance on their disk drives.

This is a Combo offer for (2) booklets, at a reduced cost.  You can also buy them seperately on eBay - see my other Auctions.

NOTE: The picture shows the pages of the booklets which are reduced to fit on eBay's 500 x 500 pixel size.  The booklets' pictures and instructions are on 8.5" x 11" individual clear, crisp and easy to read pages.

If you do not receive my booklets, please contact me so I may re-email them to you.  Please include your email address.  

No Risks! No Problems!


Micro Designs

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2 * Pdf Clean & Realign * Maintenance Booklets Commodore 64/128 Disk Drives
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